Sunday, December 27, 2009

Messages in James Cameron's Avatar

If you haven't yet undergone the cinematic experience that is James Cameron's Avatar, here are the black, white and blue messages that stood out for me.

All nature is energy. You can bond with any organic being. Iraq. Afghanistan. Gaza. Natural Resources and colonialism in the 21st century. Live with the people and know their ways to combat your racism. Unity is the best weapon even against military might. God can be female. The earth is our mother, the environment is sacred. All life is energy borrowed, one day you have to give it back but there is no death. DNA meeting virtual reality is the future. Every human being has a choice to be who they currently are OR follow their Avatar, their alter-ego, their conscience, their pure state.

I See You.


Anonymous elder said...

Also just saw the movie. Did so with my children (13 and 17). I noticed that they were emotionally affected at the point of the destruction of the tree. The moral point driven home there. The popular joke goes "Dancing with Smurfs", my children also remember the little known Disney movie "Ferngully". All similar themes, the Industrial/military complex destroying indigenous life for profit and the thrill of destruction. Much talk on the web regarding transmigration of souls applied in the technological "avatar" process. No one mentions the moral dilemma of creating a fully grown biological being with NO "soul" used as a robot. Just like the robots the military used. Obvious ecological message as well. I noticed the curved stones like ribs used to indicate the well of souls were like lines of magnetic flux over the spiritual hot spot. Some interesting science hinted at by Weaver's character, that all life is physically connected, not just spiritually.
I think the main point is that relationships are the most important thing. relationships with the environment, with each other and with a creator or larger spirit. SelfLESSness not selfISHness is what brings total harmony.

Monday, 11 January, 2010  
Blogger tom said...

I have to say it was a beautiful movie. It was very entertaining and very creative. TO go further than that on a peice of fiction is just saying you have too much time on your hands and you consider the author as some type of great experienced philosiphical genius. Please
It is entertainment. Just like the bogus classes in college you make too much of nothing. It is entertainment seen to be enjoyed.
As far as your attempt at drawing a parrellel to the Mighty US and Middle East is niave. There is evil in the world and they hate for the purpose of hate and are usually driven by very sick minds or people hiding behind one thing to manipulate others while they get personal gains. It is not a go live with them, they come over here to live with us. We Americans accept them with open arms. The very small percetage of fanatics are the embarressment of middle eastern people too. Middle Eastern people are subject to the same terriosm that attacks us and our assests. All violent attacks on a people to strike terror and reduce their feeling of security and freedom is an attack on all of us.
So the next time you go see a movie just enjoy it. Be glad you are in a country that you feel safe enough to go see it. Or a country that would allow an individual to spend over 3 billion dollars on a movie. Some country's would use that money for their own purpose not for a movie. So do not look at things in the world through your niave eyes, because it obviously has you blind to the full 360 degree spectrum

Monday, 18 January, 2010  
Blogger Mubeena Mohd said...

Ladies/Gentlemen, sorry for the delayed response.

@elder. Thanks for the beautiful interpretations. Will keep them all in mind again when I watch Avatar a second time.

@tom. I DO watch movies to get entertained. The difference is the way you and I enjoy movies. You want to escape and have a great time (and I do that too!!) where I want to relate most of what I watch to human experience. I also watch films to fill my artistic cravings which were wholeheartedly met in Avatar. And the artist in me is always looking for modes of expression, emotion, and experience. (The tone and spellings on your comment are revealing enough so thanks for stopping by.)

Sunday, 14 February, 2010  
Blogger Amal said...

@ Tom. No body hates for the purpose to hate. Everyone has a story, a build up, a rational and emotional thought process. What Mubeena is trying to get at is the only way to truly heal hatred is to understand fully another's point of view and to broaden your spectrum. And no body needs to have gone to war in order to gain that supreme understanding. Naivity, like anything else, is in the eyes of the beholder. The moment you proclaim someone else's opinion inferior to yours, you have already lost a great understanding. I for one respect your point of views & experiences, and I will never claim them to be outrageous or naive. We all hold imperfect pieces of the Truth, it's humanity's job to put it all together.

As for Avatar, I definitely think there are some beautiful symbollic references that deserve a second watch. Art is a beautiful way of delving into deeper issues. And if we were to see the Art in the issues, wouldn't we all be in a happier place? :)

Monday, 15 February, 2010  

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