Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Brush with Death

Last night, friends of my parents came over for a drink. They are a very socially and financially well-off couple and yesterday they seemed no different than any other person from whatever 'level of society'. The poor woman had a traumatic experience just a few hours before, when she tried crossing a not-so main road. They were with a group of people trying to cross over and when the rest of the group started walking, they followed suit. Little did she realize that she misjudged the rate of speed that a huge 4-wheeler was whizzing by. She tripped on the road and fell flat on her stomach.. after which she just froze in the middle of the road. Her husband pulled her out in the nick of time onto the pavement. She was relaying the story to us and cried at the end when she said, "I would have been no more".

Almost everyone on earth has had a close brush with death at least once in a lifetime. I personally have had quite a few.. I nearly exploded when I was 9 years old while celebrating the Indian festival of lights, I've been knocked down by a drunk driver, and I nearly drowned once while vacationing with my mom and sister in Thailand (my breadth control under the current was what saved me, thanks to my many years of swim training). I wonder what sort of message this close brush with death is? It certainly made me appreciate life a little more when I got out alive from these situations. But more than that, I think those experiences taught me to fear living a useless, meaningless life. They were significant enough to bring back my faith in a God. I figured I would place my bet on the existence of an Almighty rather than on chance/eternal matter, etc. Sometimes faith is born through the most frightening of times.

I'd rather not talk about death much more now.. but I am shit scared by the thought of us being judged after we die. The reason I believe in this is because it is almost natural that things need to be compensated for. So it is with justice. People who have been treated wrong, and who have done wrong will get what they deserve, in this life or the next.


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