Sunday, January 08, 2006

Continuing Evil I

As I am watching Jay Leno making his audience laugh, this philosophical heart of mine stuck on to his outright comic bashing of one of the most influential characters of the American religious political spectrum. Continuing my thoughts on my theodicy, Mr. Pat Robertson easily earns the title of "The most inane Christian argument positer" I have ever come across. How on earth has he reached so far? (Probably by asking Christians to invest in his 700-Club, after which they are so deep in, they need to justify their investment and dream up miracle stories).

Anyway, Pat Robertson to me represents an evil that is very characteristic of our world and the times we are in. Subtle. He actually was stupid enough to link Ariel Sharon's stroke to God's wrath over the fact that the Israeli PM gave up Israeli land. What kind of authority does Pat Robertson have to make this sort of conclusion?

I am more astounded that Pat manages an empire which says it represents the values of Christianity. I am also appalled that the organization's leader is someone who desperately needs a crash course in logic. Connecting God's wrath to Sharon's heart attack? What would Pat Robertson blame starving children in Africa for, assuming himself to be God's representative on earth?! Starving African children must have done somethin real bad to incur God's wrath as well I guess. I am a believer in a God that doesn't approve of blame-games to mobilize people to pay attention to nonsense they can be safer without.

Evil comes in all shapes, sizes, and volumes. But it is most sickening when evil is disguised smoothly and interwoven using the Good Book as an ideological shield.


Blogger nijaz said...

The religious vehicle is the best,easiest and quickest way to make money. The only problem is getting the initial credibility. Once your stamped a messenger of the religion, there are stupid and blind people that will make you what you want to be.

Monday, 09 January, 2006  
Anonymous Ozimandius said...

Honor killings are SO fucked up...that account is SOO depressing M...*sigh*

I feel for ya guyz..those guyz should be tried!

Wednesday, 11 January, 2006  

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