Saturday, July 08, 2006

Find the Balance

You are more than you think. Stretch your mind and visualize all you can be in your life, what sort of relationships you have with those that matter most, and what activities you could be doing if you only managed your time better.

It is not easy to manage your life around the hours of the day when you are overwhelmed with emotional troubles or increasing pressure from all aspects of your world. So step back and make the right choices for YOU. Here are some questions I wrote about this weekend in my journal late at night:

What does "happiness" mean?
What needs to happen for me before 2010?
What do I deeply care about?
Have the last 7 days served my purpose as a human being?

If you've contemplated on the above, I salute you for your courage and discipline. If you are doing this for the first time, I'm with you all the way. Don't give up on the hope of finding your home ground truth.

It is so important to keep carving out your own philosophy of life, the way you see it from your eyes. This will give you all the self-motivation and energy you've dreamed of, so that your heart is always filled with content and satisfaction. This does not mean you can ignore being practical and realistic, as this is the other cornerstone of a successful self. Practicality without a sense of ethical purpose means very little, and having purpose without the will or the drive to execute it only means that your purpose isn't significant enough, or you have low self-worth.

You are more than you think. You have such great potential waiting to be actualized. You can do more with your life. Get more aware, get more confident, get more quality-conscious, get the love of your life, get more focused, get more of your dreams to come to life, get fitter, you can GET IT.

Find your fine balance and swing high.


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