Friday, March 03, 2006


Always read your horoscope at the end of the day. If you read it in the beginning, you stand a fat chance to do exactly what it says just so it can appear genuine. I've often had a good laugh reading these silly snippets that have made it into newspaper supplements the world over. Sometimes they are totally off.. but today my horoscope in a weekend magazine describes my currrent situation so perfectly, I am nothing short of spooked. Written for my eyes only:
"The parallel alignment between your ruler Venus and warm-hearted Jupiter bodes well for the Libran... especially one who has been hoping for a fairytale ending. You may have felt uncertain about where a certain relationship has been leading or even whether it's been going anywhere at all. You seem to have reached a critical point several times before, but last minute hitches and obstacles have stopped things in their tracks and taken you back to square one. Now it's no more down the snakes, but up the ladders all the way and you can stop holding your breath. The proposal is all about to be made and the promises exchanged. All that remains is for you to keep to your end of the bargain and ensure that everything proceeds along the lines of 'happy ever after'."
I don't need to say anymore, except that horoscopes should be depended upon sparingly but if one like this comes along you may allow yourself a little hopeful laugh.


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