Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tarot Card Reading

Wow, its been a while since I blogged. Like 3 years! Welcome back to me.

I have been playing with tarot cards for a few months. I do not believe they are divine, they just assume your personal energy. It's your mind and heart that pick up on their messages. I hope you enjoy this reading I did for myself. It is a general reading using the Celtic Cross spread, the most popular tarot spread around. I have been self-learning about the tarot on It is best to read for yourself, I can't imagine reading for other people, the messages are always so unique and intuitive to the specific person. But then again I am a beginner and have a long way to go. Anyway, here goes with my generalized reading.

CELTIC CROSS READING: Saturday, September 12th 2009, 11:30 p.m.
[For background on the Celtic Cross Spread go to Celtic Cross Spread]

The Core Situation

Card 1 (High Priestess): Heart of the Matter. The central issue in the High Priestess is reflecting my innermost desire for answers to the mysteries of my life. The High Priestess always reminds me of the person I am, someone who loves and hates with the highest intensity, someone who delves deep into life’s meaning through spiritual exploration, someone who believes that sometimes the answer lies in just doing nothing. I have always looked for answers from the inside, trusting my inner voice and intuition.

Card 2 (7 of Pentacles): Obstacles and Crossings. This is a hard card to read for me in this position of the spread. Traditionally this card symbolizes hard work paying off and taking stock of your accomplishments in earthly life. It is crossing The High Priestess which might mean I am not sure about what the manifested results of all my inner searching are so far. So I take it that the heart of the matter according to this reading is that “I am looking for my life’s joy but not sure if the answers are available, not sure where to look for them in the physical world, not sure where or when to stop in the search.”

Levels of Consciousness

Card 3 (King of Cups): Root Cause; Subconscious. Getting this card to represent the root cause of my central issue, which is the search for joy through spirituality, gives me the chills. I guess I chose this card because it represents a person I am looking for to bring me that joy. A family man; someone who is over-protective about family and has emotional stability with all the leadership qualities of a king. Hence the endless search for someone who is willing to offer his cup of love to me. However, maybe I’m going about it the wrong way. I’m searching on the inside when maybe I should be searching out there for once. Let’s see what the other cards have to say on this line.

Card 5 (Ace of Wands): Projected Future and Aspiration; Conscious Goal. Although the King of Cups is very much in my conscious mind, it is definitely the root of my central issue. My immediate goal is quite correctly expressed by the Ace of Wands, a desire for new ideas and sparks of inspiration to fill my day. My aspiration is to probably try to seek out new avenues of where my King of Cups might be eventually. But I guess this card is also telling me to invest in my other talents like writing and painting, maybe I need the motivation to pick up my wand and diversify. So at the ultimate level “I want to find my King of Cups” but at the everyday level “I want to find inspiration and ideas for my next painting or next book to keep me going.”

Past and Future Time

Card 4 (7 of Wands): Past Influence. The card for this position correctly describes my personality and attitude in general, that of defiance, never giving up, standing my ground, and resisting what the majority has to say on many occasions. I’ve always been this way in the past, openly hanging on to things that others normally wouldn’t. The reading is telling me that maybe I don’t need to do this anymore or that I am gradually losing this quality altogether. This makes sense when the card of the present is The High Priestess who is the exact opposite. She lets things happen and be as they are. I still have ‘defiant’ written all over me, but I’ve also decided not to run after things.

Card 6 (9 of Swords): Future Likelihood based on Current. This is a distressing card for a future prediction. However it is a minor arcana card which means it will not last for the long-term, and in all honesty I probably need to go through it. I am not surprised that in the near future there will be nights filled with anxiety, worry, depression, guilt, and self-loathing. The past indicates that I so badly wanted to do something about my central issue and take control, and yet as the present indicates I feel no amount of action can help and often hope for divine intervention. The eternal free will / destiny quandary has hit me and this will lead to a tough emotional roller-coaster of being in limbo.

Relationship Between Me and My Environment

Card 7 (3 of Cups): How I See Myself. How I Present Myself. It is no surprise that I pulled out the 3 of Cups, the card of partying and celebration here. In public I’ve always managed to portray a happy self, a care-free individual who lives for the moment and enjoys being the life of the party. In fact if I can’t be the life of the party, I wouldn’t go. I am exuberant around my friends and play down my emotional turbulences. This card is in complete opposition to the 9 of Swords which indicated utter joylessness. Talk about inner and outer moods, public and private behavior.

Card 8 (The Hanged Man): My Environment. How Others See Me. This position in the spread tells me what kind of environment and context I am currently operating in, and what the public opinion is about me. It is amusing yet flattering to see that those who know me see me being perpetually in my own world. I don’t have a care about what my future holds, where my next cheque will come from, or what my hair looks like. It makes sense the way I come across in the 3 of Cups is how I’m perceived as The Hanged Man, as someone waiting without aim, living each moment, knowing all materialism is impermanent, and letting go of my ego. I really should internalize my external self.

Likely Outcome

Card 10 (Knight of Swords): What Could Happen. Outcome. The Knight of Swords is who I might have as a final outcome. I’ve known several Knights of Swords in my life, which might mean someone from the past of this personality type might show up again or I will attract someone with these qualities yet again. Characteristics of this person are all about logic and reason and on the positive side they are direct and downright honest. However these guys can be rude and inconsiderate about feelings involved because of their aggressive nature. When the time comes whenever this person manifests I will have to ask, “Is this guy hurtful or helpful?” I sense that the outcome will involve an important choice I’ll have to make about this person’s role in my life, especially because of the bleak outlook the 9 of Swords gives me as a future.

Card 9 (Justice): Guide. What I Can Do. It seems like I always attract an unfeeling, unromantic, strong-headed Knight of Swords. Maybe I put too much emphasis on intellectual rigor or firmness in opinions as qualities that I need in a man. The Justice card is clearly telling me to balance my act. Ironically this card is the direct symbol of the Libran zodiac which I am, and thus is telling me to use my own sense of balance more. Maybe it is the time to seek out feminine and caring qualities in a man, which would do me justice in how I’d like to be treated. It’s time for me to be treated differently not being bombarded with opinions and facts but rather being showered with flowers for a change.

I will be trying to keep a 'Teach Myself Tarot' journal to delve more into the mystery of me and my own energy.. and of course just to have a bit of fun when I am not out making a living. If you are familiar with tarot and can give me an alternative reading of the spread, please let me know!