Tuesday, October 11, 2005

on the Philosophy Coaster..

Welcome Junkies! If you end up coming back to visit me here, you are a true basement philosophy junkie just like me. I am glad to meet you and would like to commend you on your brave journey into the most dangerous discipline of all -- Philosophy. Heavy thought characterizes this dark, deep, infinite space composed of the philosophical academic elements: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Existentialism, Psychology, Technology, Anthropology, Politics, Sociology, Divinity, and the Paranormal. You in for the ride? Hop in if you dare.. it could be a scary, frustrating, discouraging, and emotional ride but you are sure to come out being who you truly are.. (and out of the Matrix)

My philosophical arguments should have no bearing on you except on your thinking process. I never expect to teach unless I learn in the process. I apologize in advance if my posts are disorganized, random, and seem nonsensical when you read them the first time. It is only because this space reflects me in spontaneous action. Like the mirror. And it is my every intention to let you figure out who I am and what is it I REALLY believe.. I am full of mystery as I am full of wisdom.

I have Questions to your Answers

The Philosophy Junkie Blog only reflects, encourages, and spreads the positive experience of happiness. I do not embark upon negative media reviews, blame-games, or issues about war and politics. But I personally express what can contribute to hate. My hope is to bring you peace of mind, inspiration to create, and motivation to attack ignorance. My hope is that you will know yourself better, give of yourself more, and channel your anger into positive energies. Realize your potential and leave only to come back.